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Presenters for Forum agree

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

The Smithville Community in Action volunteer coalition held an online Medical Marijuana Community Forum on August 6th on their Facebook page! It was very informative and everyone will appreciate the information no matter what side of the debate regarding Medical Marijuana they fall on. The presentation included information about the Medical Marijuana grow facility and dispensary in Smithville. In addition, Director Lyndall Fraker presented information about the regulatory role of his division of Health and Human Services. A public health and wellness doctor also provided information about Marijuana, how it effects the body and the studies regarding medical efficacy. The presentation should serve to break down barriers AND educate the community that marijuana is dangerous for developing brains.

The 4 presenters had different backgrounds (one doctor, two whom will make a profit off of Medical Marijuana and one referred to as the "Marijuana Czar of Missouri"). They all made strong statements that there is no reason for youth to be using marijuana in the home or anywhere else. These statements were all independent, uncoached and unequivocal. The coalition did nothing to request these presenters focus on youth prevention. We didn't even inform the three that were probably unfamiliar with our coalition that we were a youth prevention organization. If you watch the forum, you will notice we didn't even take the opportunity to introduce the coalition or the work we do at the beginning of the online forum. The presenters were completely unbiased and uninfluenced. That is incredibly validating for the work we are doing and a strong message to parents and community members. These are professional people and experts in their field. They have all looked at the data and the studies, some through a different lens than we would look at the same information, yet they came to the very same conclusion. Keep marijuana away from kids, youth and teens!

The presenters were asked pre-selected questions submitted by the community. All the questions ended up having broad appeal to the community and developed powerful and impact-full answers from the presenters. Even though the presenters were from different backgrounds, they kept affirming and agreeing with each other. That agreement itself should be a powerful statement that there is no debate when it comes to underage use of marijuana.

If you didn't get the opportunity to watch the forum, you still can. It is on the coalition Facebook page at It already has over 1,700 views. It is an important message that will be beneficial for everyone to hear. We didn't really set out for this forum to be a prevention effort. It was designed to be informational and a resource that community members were requesting. What we ended up with is absolutely a prevention message!

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