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Medical Marijuana Community Forum

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The purpose of the Medical Marijuana Community Forum is to provide a platform for the Smithville Community to ask questions regarding medical marijuana and the impact it will have on the community. In order to facilitate an informative and unbiased forum, the coalition has reached out to members of the marijuana industry. This particular forum is less about prevention and more about bringing information to a community that is asking for it. The forum will be broadcasted live on the coalition's Facebook page @SmithvilleMOCIA on August 6th at 7pm. Speakers will include:

Edward M Schmults, CEO of Calyx Peak, Inc., the parent company of CPC of Missouri-Smithville, the future Medical Marijuana grow operation to be located at 14816 U.S. Highway 169 in Smithville, MO.

Mr. Schmultz has been asked to speak about the aspects of the grow operation that would be most pertinent to the Smithville Community which might include: construction updates, opening date estimate, hiring practices, safety and security of the grow operation, any policy or practices that would deter break-ins or potential crime surrounding the operation's indoor growing and shipping capabilities, what kinds of vehicles will be used for shipments eg. large semi-trailers that could limit the lifespan of the city's infrastructure.  

Director Lyndall Fraker, representing the Section of Marijuana Regulation from the State of Missouri

Director Fraker has been asked to speak about compliance for both business and consumers that would be most pertinent to Smithville, MO.

Dr. Chris Jenson, a consultant with the Centers for Disease Control and an expert in Public Health and Wellness

Dr. Jenson has been asked to describe the different effects marijuana has on the body, the difficulties surrounding long-term, large-scale, and peer-reviewed testing surrounding marijuana, and the effects of marijuana on the growing teen brain.

Jack Mitchell of BMD Smithville, a future Medical Marijuana dispensary that will be located at 13518 U.S. Highway 169 in Smithville, MO.

Jack will focus on aspects of the Medical Marijuana dispensary business that are most pertinent to the Smithville Community. These might include child-safe packaging, Medical Use Permits, ID requirements, safety and security measures, construction updates, and opening date estimates.

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