About Us

Smithville Community In Action is a group of volunteers committed to keeping Smithville a safe place for kids.  Our mission is to reduce youth substance use and youth suicide.

Key issues

Smithville Community In Action focuses on the following issues that affect our youth:

  • Underage Drinking

  • Marijuana

  • Tobacco and Vaping

  • Prescription Drug Misuse

  • Suicide

Smithville CIA Leadership

President:  Kelly Kobylski, Children First Montessori

President-Elect:  Gini Fite, Smithville School District

Treasurer:  Wayne Krueger, Assistant Superintendent of Smithville School District

Secretary:  Jennifer Rhoad, DFC Program Director

Drug-Free Communities Grant

In order to achieve our long-standing youth substance use prevention goals, Smithville CIA was awarded a Drug-Free Communities Grant, a federal grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).  The three main goals of this grant are to 1.) reduce youth drinking, 2.) reduce youth marijuana use, and 3.) grow the capacity and collaboration of our coalition.  Find out more about this grant here.